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The Chitwoods - Deacon Dennis and Elizabeth

The Greshams - John and Mary Jane

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Home Retreats


A retreat can consist of a few hours or a longer period of time. We customize the retreat theme to accommodate the needs of the group.

Retreat Themes

  • SPIN Marriage Retreat (click to download brochure PDF) (enhancing spiritual intimacy for couples) (additional details below)
  • Emmaus Way (recognize Jesus's table ministry)
  • College Retreat (learning how to live Christian values in a self centered culture)
  • Confirmation Retreat
  • Deacon Formation Retreat
  • Discernment Retreat
  • Faculty Retreat
  • Leadership Retreat
  • Men's Spirituality Retreat
  • Women's Spirituality Retreat
  • Prayer Community Retreat
  • Parish Council Retreat
  • Scouts' Retreat
  • Spiritual Warfare Retreat
  • Teen's Retreat
  • Spiritual Gifts Retreat

SPIN Married Couples Retreat 

Genesis Ministry is presenting a SPIN Marriage Retreat, SPIN stands for SPiritual INtimacy, March 27-28, 2015  at Todd Hall in Columbia IL. This consists of presentations followed by individual couple sharing/prayer.  There will be a $50 deposit due with the registration (attached).  The balance of $200 will be due Friday evening.  Todd Hall is easy to find and about 1/2 hour drive from Downtown St. Louis, MO. Download PDF Brochure Please call if you have any questions 314-246-9282.

John and Mary Jane Gresham

Dr. John & Mary Jane Gresham are the team leaders of the SPIN Marriage Retreat along with another couple.